Dragon 12 PRO and Windows 8…a partnership…almost

To recommend a partnership–the partnership needs to be solid, okay…reliable. 

While Nuance has provided technical support for this partnership, the learning curve associated with Windows 8 coupled with the technical fluency required to blend these products successfully leaves me cautious, at best, when it comes to recommending this partnership.

For openers, the partnership seems the definition of the Odd Couple when you consider that Windows 8 is all about a tactile (touching, swishing, gliding, etc.) operating system where Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional is all about using your voice–LOOK AT ME, MOM…NO HANDS!

So for people who’ve successfully transitioned to using their voice to do the heavy lifting of controlling a computer…why would you go backward? 

Or, if you have a brand new car like the Ford Fusion…why would you want to drive around in a Model T? 

Sure, there are still buttons, knobs and dials in the Ford Fusion…even a steering wheel, accelerator and brakes like the Model T; but, when there is a more productive method for getting around on a computer (or in a car; a safer, faster and environmentally ideal method for getting back and forth to work) why insist on using an antiquated approach–even one that has brightly colored squares to shuffle around?

This is the same question I wonder when I watch people using two big thumbs to text message on a too-small smartphone keyboard…but I digress.

Since watching the movie Minority Report, I’ve wanted that nifty glass screen the size of my office wall suspended mid-air and curved around my favorite ergonomic desk chair (I’m not standing in a room with my computer all day) so I can glide my fingers through volumes of data while simultaneously giving voice commands or writing messages to colleagues (or updating my Facebook page).  But even then, I’d rather tell my computer what to do then have to try to glide, or sweep, my fingers to the right spot…or hold my finger “just long enough” to expose a menu…or tap just hard enough. 

Yes, it’s probably my jealousy coming through…I’m among the tablet-challenged who has yet to find a tablet–even the iPad laughs at me–with the responsiveness suited to my productivity needs and increasing disabilities.

This brings me back to Dragon 12 and Windows 8–I’m encouraged, but not yet partnering.


About Elicia

An instructional designer for work and mixed-media designer for fun!

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