Smart Format Tools…

One of the new tools in Dragon Professional 12–Smart Format Tools–gives you greater vocabulary customization while reducing the time spent correcting Dragon.  For instance, if a physician wants to have the word milligrams spelled out rather than abbreviated, this “rule” can be modified to suit the physician. 

While Dragon customers can add and refine vocabulary phrases frequently used in earlier editions of Dragon, not all of us remember to add every specific specialty word, acronym or phrase proactively.  So as we’re dictating, we still make refinements, or outright corrections, which take time…time we usually do not have at the moment we are dictating that word/phrase.  So having Dragon peeking over our shoulder and prompting us to add a specialty vocabulary phrase keeps us focused on our work.   Great new feature!


About Elicia

An instructional designer for work and mixed-media designer for fun!

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