What’s different between Dragon Pro and Premium?

The question–what is the difference between Dragon 11 Professional and Dragon 11 Premium–is a great one!  To answer quickly, there are 2 KEY differences:

1.  Integration Support

2.  Archive Support

So what?  What’s the difference?

If you are a “mighty mouser”…meaning you wield your mouse with the precision of the best neurosurgeon, the first “key” probably won’t be evident immediately.  Dragon Pro and Premium users can create text-graphic macros (shortcuts) to replace repetitive text. 

For instance, when I say:  “close Dragon e-mail”

Dragon types: 

Elicia Flom, a.k.a. The DragonLady of Ohio

Dragon Certified Instructor

Computer Help, Education & Site Support, CHESS

Phone:  614.861.0972  FAX:  614.861.1098

Website:  www.helpfromchess.com

So yes, Dragon Professional and Premium can do that that type of command (macro). 

If you use Microsoft Office..and who doesn’t at this point…there are features that require you to click through 3 or 4 steps–like changing from 1.0 to  2.0 line spacing.  So if you want to make “Single space” or “Double space” command–that’s where Dragon Pro shines.

If you have a feature or button on a web page or program that doesn’t have a keyboard alternative, Dragon Pro has a macro recorder tool–creating a command is a snap!  Dragon Premium–no love.

If you visit many websites–leaving none of your personal information/passwords “stored” ANYwhere–then just going to a website more than once a day–requires that you click or type the same website address or links.  (My brother checks the weather 2-3 times a day for his work–a total CHORE!)  You may not even think about it…but for those who find that logging in/out of e-mail, remembering passwords…or having to type the address of a site…to be repetitive, laborious…or worse…just too darn slow–then, Dragon Pro kicks Dragon Premium’s butt. 

On a daily basis, I use:

Go to WordPress    Go to Yahoo   Go to Facebook    Go to Twitter  Go to School


WordPress Login   Yahoo Login   Facebook Login   Twitter Login  School Login

….just to name a few.  Dragon Pro makes my life so much easier. 

I almost “like” using a computer when I have Dragon Pro do the heavy lifting for all the navigation I do. 

And to be clear–I don’t stay “logged in” anywhere–Dragon Pro knows my passwords–that’s it!   Dragon Pro is resident on my local (personal or business) hard drive…and my hard drive is behind a few firewalls, password protected–and of course, David has his own special brand of hidden loops and hoops a “would be” hacker would have to crack to get to my passwords. 

Two words for any hacker up against David:  good luck

Onward…to the second key. 

Dragon Pro can “archive” the custom word lists…and perhaps more importantly…custom commands.  If you’re working along in Dragon Premium…minding your own business…and something goes wrong that renders your voice profile inoperable–Dragon Premium users get to start “from scratch” with any custom vocabulary or text-graphic commands they may have accumulated. 

Not so for the “Pros.”

We teach our Dragon Pro customers to reconstruct an entirely new voice profile within 15 minutes.  More than a few can do so in under 10 minutes–what a tremendous value!  Yes, that’s right–voice profiles built over the course of several months…even several years…can be “back in action” within minutes–fabulous!  Certainly worth the cost difference. 

For those who want the “particulars” feel free to click on/download the link–it will open a PDF file for your review.  Cheers!

Dragon 11_Pro VS Premium Matrix_FINAL


About Elicia

An instructional designer for work and mixed-media designer for fun!

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