Dragon PRO needs YOU and YOUR software applications

Does Dragon draw borders?  Can I use Dagon for editing photos?  Is Dragon able to write formulas?

The answer…a definite MAYBE. 

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional works WITH the applications you have, and yes, the Professional (not the retail products: Premium, Home or Basic) version of Dragon is REQUIRED.  Dragon Pro (as we call it) is needed to create the workflow commands necessary to streamline the computer-based tasks like inserting a border, editing a photo or writing a formula.  But, that’s not the whole answer.

Dragon Pro also REQUIRES that you have software that has “bordering features” like Microsoft Word.  Dragon Pro works with programs like Adobe Photoshop to edit photos.  And for those of you with accounting experience/education, Dragon Pro is excellent for creating formulas using Microsoft Excel.

So it’s a balancing act–your creativity, the specific application program WITH Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional that offers astounding productivity, unmatched accuracy and accessibility. 

If you aren’t sure of how to build Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional, Medical or Legal custom commands for your applications…call CHESS today.


About Elicia

An instructional designer for work and mixed-media designer for fun!

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