Proactive New Year with PROactive Dragon

Today, I was wrapping up a training session and my student made the mistake of asking about Dragon’s history.  She was a good sport about listening to the interminable details and then asked about the marketing strategies used to promote the mighty Dragon. 

She didn’t understand why the Dragon Professional software wasn’t in use everywhere…and so we got to talking about the proactive companies and schools…the organizations that have decided that rather than waiting for people who keyboard day in and day out to ask for help–these companies were installing Dragon so people had a choice. 

We talked about the State of Ohio, OhioHealth, Cuyahoga Community College, DSCC, The Veteran’s Administration,  The Ohio State University, Mt. Carmel and hundreds of other businesses.  As we wrapped up, I shared with her that I was grateful for every new customer–every new business that took that proactive step into the world of productivity Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional offers. 

We are so grateful for each new Dragon expert we have the opportunity to help and look forward to a Happy…PROductive…PROactive New year using Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional!


About Elicia

An instructional designer for work and mixed-media designer for fun!

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