What’s new in Dragon 11?

  • Improved Accuracy
    • Reduced Word Recognition Errors: Dragon 11 significantly improved recognition accuracy and can reduce recognition errors up to 15% compared with Dragon 10. This means Dragon 11 recognizes speech more accurately right out of the box so users will spend less time correcting recognition errors.
  • Faster Recognition Response for Commands and Dictation
    • Faster Response Times: Dragon 11 improved recognition response time significantly. It is also faster than previous editions when selecting application menu items by voice or executing voice commands that perform actions within applications (e.g., “insert page break,” “make that red,” etc.)
  • New User Interface
    • Dictate faster and more efficiently: Dictate faster and more efficiently: Dragon quickly processes the recognition of speech in the background, and instead of the Results box of previous versions, displays only a discreet indicator that recognition is in progress; this encourages continuous speech, an important factor for accuracy. Novice users are no longer distracted by watching the preliminary recognition results pooling and changing within the Results Box before text is inserted into the document. (The traditional Results box is still available as an option.)
    • New Dragon Sidebar: A major enhancement over Version 10’s Sample Commands window, this new desktop assistant allows users to discover and remember many commands and tips; at any time, it lets you glance at or explore global commands (including mouse commands), application-specific commands and custom-created commands, as well as tips. The Dragon Sidebar is a thin, resizable and dockable window that can be placed anywhere on the Windows desktop. Its contents change depending on what window is currently active. In addition, the Sidebar lets users print its content.
    • Richer Help system: The redesigned Accuracy Center (accessible from the Help menu) now gathers all important tools and options, with brief descriptions of key items to help discovery. The Help system also incorporate new tips and illustrations, a redesigned Tutorial, short videos, and easy access to related details such as a glossary of key terms. Finding relevant information is faster and easier thanks also to icon links on the Dragon Sidebar and contextual links on dialog boxes – as well as new voice shortcuts you can speak at any time (“Search Dragon Help for…”).
    • More usable toolbar (the DragonBar): The naming and organization of items on the DragonBar now allow users to discover and quickly access important but often-overlooked Dragon features, such as the Vocabulary Editor, the analysis of specific documents, scheduled tasks, and recognition modes (Dictation Mode, Numbers Mode, etc..). Now docked to the top of the screen by default, the DragonBar gathers in one area all its indicators: icons and written messages.

Leave a comment and let us know what you think about the new features!


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