Sony Recorders continue to ROCK Dragon 11 Professional

The Sony recorders (ICDMX20 and ICDMS515) have been our “recorders of choice” primarily for two reasons:  FIRST, the Sony Digital Voice Editor software makes the transfer and transcription process easy and SECOND because with the right computer setup–they allow people to use ONE voice profile for their digital recorder and computer. 

CHESS absolutely supports people using other recorders, but those who use the Sony recorders are among the “most serious Dragon customers” in terms of integrating the Dragon software technology fully into their workflow and achieving the productivity benefits possible. 

Sure, the manufacturers (Nuance and Sony) recommend setting up a different profile, or specifying a different device shared within a profile–and our customers can certainly create those additional profiles for added reassurance.  Some folks dictate in fairly noisy areas which differ from their office–so there are “non-recorder” reasons for considering a separate profile. 

Oh, and for those of you who don’t know the story that is responsible for our favoring Sony–here it is.  

I was doing a workshop for The Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission counselors in the Northeast area several years ago.  After getting my laptop connected to the projector system, I gave the background of our company and a short history lesson on voice recognition–then began dictating with Dragon.  The recognition accuracy was very high–and evidently much higher than the expectations of the audience who had experience with some of the earlier versions of the software.

The counselors were clapping, excited by the accuracy, glad to know a technology could “deliver” on its promise…so I couldn’t resist demonstrating with the digital recorder I had recently inherited.  Of course, I had taken the proper steps for creating a separate voice profile for the recorder, but in the excitement of the moment–I TOTALLY forgot to switch profiles.  So right in front of that entire audience, I plugged in the recorder and transferred the recorded message to my “headset” profile–the accuracy was EVEN BETTER than what I had dictated with my headset just moments before.

Then it was my turn to get excited when I realized what had happened.  And yes, I told on myself–no reason to keep such a “happy accident” to myself…PostIt notes were an accident too–look how popular they are today!

From then on, we encouraged EVERY customer to try the same–the results have been excellent among our customers.

I still use the very same recorder today that I did then.  I dictate all my offsite training notes to the recorder and I routinely begin the first draft of my e-mail responses with my digital recorder when I am away from my office or without Dragon to use for my typing chores. 

(I have ALWAYS hated typing–even though I was one of those lightning fast and accurate typists capable of exceeding 100 wpm)

So, how is the latest version, Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 Professional, working with our beloved Sony recorders?  Accurately! 

Sony and Dragon are exceptionally accurate–remarkably accurate–partners and yes, STILL without a separate voice profile. 

Sony and Dragon 11 are productivity powerhouses in our office–how about yours?


About Elicia

An instructional designer for work and mixed-media designer for fun!

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