Dragon replacing keyboards

When I am asked whether or not Dragon will eliminate the need for keyboards, I have answered “yes” for well over 20 years. With Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 taking accuracy, compatibility and simplicity to get again a higher level – the answer is an even more resolute,  “YES!”

While the software is far more accurate and easier to use than ever before, it does require commitment on the part of the person using the software to make it the primary input device.

So, Dragon can replace keyboards so long as people using keyboards are willing to make that change.

When I think about how I spend time in training sessions with their customers, more time is more focused on the different ways Dragon can be incorporated effectively then on the “how-to’s” of actually using Dragon. For people who cannot type very well or who physically cannot type at all, Dragon serves as the foundation for virtually every computer-based activity whether creating and sending an e-mail, preparing a proposal or report or updating social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. For people who type and use their mouse reasonably well, Dragon may simply be a faster keyboarding method while those individuals continue to use their mouse for navigation.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 does not require “training” in terms of teaching the software how an individual sounds. However, people who complete the initial training (less than 10 min. for most people) experience much higher accuracy to start with. But this is not the training that “makes or breaks” whether Dragon can replace a keyboard. 

Teaching or training human beings to use Dragon effectively is the key to whether the Dragon software replaces keyboards.


About Elicia

An instructional designer for work and mixed-media designer for fun!

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